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5 Best Traeger Grills Reviewed in Detail (Oct. )

The digital control means your cooking experience is always consistent. You can set it to your required temperature and get busy preparing other parts of your meal, or kick back and relax with a cold drink. The LED display is easy to read too, so you can easily check on your food. The auto-start ignition means your grill is ready to go as soon as you are.

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The average rating of 4. This is the most reviewed of all the Traeger grills in our Top 10, with over reviews at the time of research. It is also reviewed frequently meaning that people are continuing to purchase this product and are happy with it. This grill is both suited to the amateur backyard griller or someone with more experience. It is really easy to start grilling and is easy to maintain. Get it on Amazon!

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Given that it is such a great product with lots of positive features, it still maintains a strong position as our number 2. However, its average rating is much lower than our Top Pick, with only 3. It does share many great features with our number 1, including the easy-to-use integrated Digital Elite Controller , which keeps temperatures within 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The Traeger Junior Elite offers the same six-in-one cooking experiences as the Lil Tex meaning you can grill, smoke, bake, braise and barbeque your food. Unlike the Lil Tex, however, this grill is much more portable and it is not only great for home cooking, but you can take it away camping or tailgating too. The burners are a sturdy steel and it also has a grease tray for easy cleanups.

The hopper holds 8lbs.

One of the reasons this model is better for moving around than our number 1 is because it weighs only 60lbs. It measures 36 x 39 x 18 inches and still has an impressive square inches of cooking space, meaning you can easily accommodate up to 12 burgers at any one time. The grill is non-stick and there is also a high-temperature door. The Traeger Junior Elite has much the same temperature and control features of our number 1.

It has the easy-to-go electronic auto-start ignition and the same Digital Elite Controller, so setting up and getting going is really easy and you can guarantee the consistency of your cooking too. However, this grill has the second highest number of reviews at at the time of research , meaning that many consumers are choosing this product above others. The review frequencies are good too and it is reviewed slightly more frequently than the Lil Tex. It comes with a 3-year warranty, which adds reassurance if the lower average review rating puts you off.

It still has 38 fantastic features and is definitely a grill that people are choosing to purchase over others. Buy it from Amazon! Given the price, this is the most suitable choice for beginners as you get an excellent feature to price ratio. It still offers the six-in-one cooking experience of Traeger grills too!

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When we compare with our top 2 products, we can see the difference in the cooking grid space and size, however, apart from these slight differences, this grill takes the best spot for affordability and portability. As previously mentioned, this grill is built to be portable! Its burners are made from the good-quality steel as other Traeger burners and it still incorporates a grease tray for easy cleaning.

As this is a portable grill, the hopper has a smaller capacity and holds 5lbs of pellets. This should, however, still give you between 2 to 10 hours of use, depending on the temperature setting. This grill is on the smaller side due to its portable nature. The grill is the lightest of all our picks and weighs 40lbs. The average rating for this grill was 3. Check Price on Amazon! This grill has a great big cooking area so you can cook away a whole tonne of food. On top of that it also has wheels, which make it easy to move around.

The only downside is that it comes in at a high price! This grill is not designed to be portable. It is a heavy and robust grill but it does have easy-glide wheels so that you can maneuver it easily into position.

It has an impressive 38 positive features, the same as our Top Pick. The Texas Elite measures 49 x 54 x 22 inches and weighs a sturdy lbs.

Traeger Pellet Grill Review: Select Elite, Junior Elite, Texas Elite, Lil' Pig

It has an impressive cooking space of square inches. This means you have the space to cook 30 burgers or 8 whole chickens at once! You can also buy a shelf to attach to this grill. As with other Traegers, the temperature is monitored by a probe that keeps it within 20 degrees.

Review: Why Traeger Grill is a Good Deal

Like the other models, the auto-ignition is simple and easy to use too. It does, however, have excellent reviews and an average review score of 4. There were over reviews at the time of research and the review frequency was very good meaning that people are choosing to buy this grill and they are happy with its value for money. The grill also has a warranty for peace of mind. You can cook your whole meal at once or invite the whole neighborhood for a pool party without people waiting hungrily for their food!

Order it on Amazon! This grill has some great fold away legs, making it portable, as well as great for cooking a good amount of food on. You have to make some sacrifices with this pick and those are its heavier and more expensive. The name of this grill gives away its purpose: it is designed to be a portable, tailgater grill and it shares; therefore, many things in common with our No. It has 35 out of 40 identified positive features and so it can be said that it has more packed into it than the PTG with 28 features. This grill has the same dimensions as our Runner-Up. It measures 18 x 37 x 36 inches but weighs ever-so-slightly more at 62lbs.

It is, therefore, heavier than the PTG by 20lbs. It does, however, have a higher average rating score of 4 out of 5 at the time of research, coming from reviews. It also has the Traeger warranty for reassurance. For someone looking to be able to move their grill around as well as cook for large numbers of people, this would be ideal. This grill has so many features all packed in! It includes a preparation rack and also a tool caddy rack, but it does lack customer reviews, so maybe read around before buying this one. The good thing about Trager is that they really know how to pack in the features in their grills.

For example, although this is our Number 6 Pick in our Top Ten Traeger grills, the Renegade still has a fantastic 34 features! It incorporates the Traeger EZ drain system for grease management and easy cleanup. The Traeger Renegade Elite grill is one of the heavier grills in our Traeger Grill Review, but it does have wheels for easier maneuverability. It weighs lbs.

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The cooking surface area is square inches, meaning you have enough space to cook food for the whole family! Unlike the grills we have looked at so far, the Renegade comes with a handy tool caddy rack, at the front so you can keep all of your utensils and sauces to hand in a convenient location! It also has a wire front prep rack, which is strong and robust. You can use this for prepping your food, testing it or simply resting it when unloading from your grill. The Digital Elite Controller is fitted as standard on this product, as is the auto-ignition system.